Curse of Strahd

Welcome to Barovia

A group of five adventurers have stopped for a rest.

Kek, a half orc barbarian, whos parents were killed by people. Now he kills people who kill people. Chaotic Neutral.

Ilfar Tinflig, Chris, an NG elf cleric. I fight for my allies no matter the cost.

Tim is Rolan. Convinced by some monster, under threat of violence, to turn against his nomad wood elf kin. He killed many of them, and then went into seclusion. After some soul searching he dedicated himself to punching dick. LG

Jason is Colstram LN a human variant Warlock – fiend pact – “A monster that slaughtered dozens of innocent people spared your life, and you don’t know why” – “I live for the thrill of the hunt.”, “I am a monster who kills monsters”, “There’s evil in me, I can feel it. It must never be set free”, “I am a purveyor of doom and gloom who lives in a
world without hope”

Sean is Grim, a half-orc barbarian. He’s just a big buy. Grumsh is his god.

In the night they each had horrid nightmares, and upon waking they found the woods was noticeably different. A strange mist descended upon

They continue along the road

They come across a huge iron gate, with two headless statues of guards flanking the gate.

Tim catches the scent of death in the air.

The party goes into the woods, where they find a human corpse half burried in the ground. The young man, a commoner, is torn and raked with claw marks, and surrounded by paw prints.

There, they find a letter in his pocket from the Burgomaster of a town called Barovia.


River and water

Small children with missing parents and a monster in the basement. Lavish house with strange carvings.

Sean got a Longsword
Jason got a chest plate.
Party found (who?) heavy, light, and hand crossbow.

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